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Personal Training

Have you ever thought about the advantages of having a personal trainer?
We are a club that works with the One to One concept.
Personal training offers you a very differentiated workout, appropriate exercises according to the client's needs. With this kind of training, results last longer and are faster to reach.
The close relation with personal training coaches is another factor that helps during training sessions.

Fitness room and Group lessons

Practicing individually or in group?
Our club offers every tool to practice both individually or in group. Physical evaluations and training plans are two tools used for clients to feel accompanied by our team of professionals.


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Fitness for our coaches

Hugo Silva

Fitness Coordinator

Fitness is much more than beauty or a stereotype given by society. Someone fit is a person that tries to improve his/her quality of life on the mental and physical matter.


Stretching Teacher

Everything starts with a body's movement. It is through its extension that the stretching class expands the body beyond its own limits. Each class is a mixture of coordination, equilibrium and deep breathing which aids on improving flexibility and body's awareness.

Ana Moraes

Physical conditioning and stretching teacher

Developing strength and mobility, aids in an increase of muscle mass, the performance of daily chores and consequently improving quality of life.

Gonçalo Pinheiro

Step Teacher

Athletes feel free and invigorated when practicing choreographed step.