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We answer to the needs of each player. Initiating and developing different game tactics to accomplish more results as well as improving techniques to lift the player's level.


1. Develop the appropriate plan to each school padel group.

2. Motivate students to practice sports, by planning matches between students and teachers.

3. Demonstrate the importance of training sessions to accomplish results and improve the padel level.

4. Usage of tools and materials that help on the player's evolution.

5. School padel groups with maximum capacity of 4 students with the same playing level.

6. Team of qualified teachers with several years of experience, both as teachers and players.


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Padel for our coaches

Borja Gerona

Padel is the best way to understand real life. Each player understands how to work as a team, personal resilience, effort and decision making.

Padel, as a social sport, helps on knowing new people as well as increasing your network.

Without padel, surely, i wouldn't be the person I am today.

Diogo Schaefer

Padel is the biggest sports phenomenon in Portugal on these last years. It is fun, with a huge social component and it is impossible not to enjoy playing it. Padel is for everyone.

I'm waiting for you at Lisboa Racket Centre.

Pedro Nunes

Padel is my favourite sport! After practicing other sports, such as football and tennis, I found padel! It suits the majority of people, it may help on releasing stress, or just for playing with friends or as a professional sport.